Where Privacy & Security Matter

Our DNS resolvers are DNSSEC enabled with absolutely
ZERO tracking, logging or censorship. We can prove it.

DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

Uncensored | DNSSEC | Port 443

DNS over TLS (DoT)

Uncensored | DNSSEC | Port 853

Digital Signature

Digest: sha256
Value: R0Md1beqUzD4jxTBZaE85a66QrIDj3o/tzbmCTcQCNo=
Issuer: Sectigo

  • No Tracking/Censorship

    We have a very strict policy against logging, tracking or any form of censorship. You can read more about our ethos, here.

  • DoH & DoT Enabled

    All server endpoints support DNS over HTTPS (port 443) and DNS over TLS (port 853). We support both TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 protocols.

  • Quick DNS Resolution

    Our DNS resolvers are pre-fetched and cached with Alexa's top million most visited websites including static resources (like CDNs). We've also optimized the root servers in each location to better decrease latency for DNSSEC validation.

  • Clean Root Servers

    We do NOT utilize government or government subsidized root servers for DNSSEC validation. We also apply QNAME minimization and aggressive NSEC to further increase privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this service remain free?

Our DNS servers will always remain free as we believe in a private, uncensored, and free internet.
Is there a hard query limit?

There is a 1,000 QPS (queries per second) limit in place. However, we can make an exception in certain situations. Shoot us an email at feedback@anondns.org.

What protocols does DoT and DoH support?

We support TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 (live cipher suites). We're always looking to optimize and stay modern while balancing performance and security.

Do you support HTTP2 over DoH?

We sure do.

I have a suggestion or issue.

We'd love to hear from you, please email us at feedback@anondns.org. Thank you for caring.